The best “long tracking shot” on SXSW (Amazônia vol. 2).

Articles / Meio & Mensagem

Amazon vs Amazônia: AV on SXSW.

Articles / Meio & Mensagem

Unofficial guide to SXSW’20.

Articles / Meio & Mensagem

Perfect score for the Seu Jorge, Elza Soares and Agnes Nunes live music show.

Entertainment / Kogut

Loroza Talk Soul: Sérgio Loroza debuts on a pay TV show talking about black culture.

Entertainment / Portal Geledés

Works of art made with plastic bags on Corona’s exhibit.

Films / Clube de Criação

Mash launches website with job openings for people who wants to work from home in underwear.

Films / B9

ifood aims deliverymen in new campaign.

Films / PropMark

Tetra Pak Brazil approaches recycling in new series.

Films / Meio & Mensagem

Frooty takes Preta Gil and dutch influencer to Amazonian forest.


Nubank turns a blanket into a jacket in new webseries.

Films / Clube de Criação

99 launches digital strategy for the Recalcula campaign.

Films / PropMark

Broders creates VR activation to launch new Mall area.

Interactive / Grandes nomes da propaganda

Axon Park Receives Massive Praise for New Medical Simulation PPE VR Training Simulator to Combat COVID-19

Interactive / Healthy Simulation

Anima Mundi Festival shakes the Capital.

Interactive / G1

YDreams Global Partners with Ericsson to Create an Entertainment Project Combining 5G and Interactive Technologies.

Interactive / Yahoo

Anima Mundi: Three Brazilian cases on the VR competitive show.

Interactive / Clube de Criação

Broders celebrates two years as a digital and innovative content specialized company.

Company / Tela Viva

Brands and platforms join forces to optimize mobile campaigns.

Company / Meio & Mensagem

Everything about the AV market and VR on Path Festival 2019

Company / Chicken or pasta?

Broders announces creative director and Miami’s new operation.

Company / Clube de Criação

Production companies intensify digital exclusive content.

Company / Meio & Mensagem

Video consumption on Internet is great for small production companies.

Companhia / Estadão

Broders focusing on social media and virtual reality.

Company / PropMark

XR is NOW: a cross reality invadiu o SXSW 2019

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