Seasons 1 and 2 of the “The Ypecialist” webseries, a 9:16 exclusive vertical content featured in the Ype mobile app with “how to” tips.


Directors: Marcus Becker and Cassius Cordeiro • DoP: Alberto La Salvia • Art Directors: Karla Salvoni and Juily Maganani • Prod. Directors: Renato Angelo and Andre Bernardes • Casting: Mariana Melgaço • AD: Guilherme Andrade and Rodrigo Corrêa • Executive Producers: Clara Gattone and Rodrigo Furlan • Gaffer: Izael Damasceno • Production Coord.: Renan Lima • Post- production Coord.: Vitor Furlan • Editor: Graubi • Post-production: Clandestino • Audio: Cordel e Lucha Libre

The Campaing

Still frames

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