Unwanted Museum



Partnering up with Draftline, Corona and the NGO Parley, we created and registered in video an open air museum on Av. Paulista - which is like São Paulo’s 5th Av - with plastic artworks made by the artist Eduardo Srur. Reinterpretations of classics like "The Scream" by Edvard Munch and "Monalisa" by Leonardo Da Vinci, help us to remember that centenary art lasts as long as plastic in the oceans.


Director: Cassius Cordeiro • DoP: Ícaro Silva • Camera Operator: Thiago Cordeiro e Marcos Piki • Still Photography: Larissa Zaidan e Vitor Furlan • Prod. Director: Clara Gattone • Executive Producers: Clara Gattone and Rodrigo Furlan • Exec. Assistant: Simone Brandão • Gaffer: Izael Damasceno • Prod. Coordinator: Renan Lima • Post-prod. Coordinator: Vitor Furlan • Editor and post-production: Vitor Furlan

Making of

Still frames

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