Musical Collabs Live @ Multishow



Live musical Collabs broadcasted (and also streamed) at Multishow Channel, added by the artistic direction of famous Zé Ricardo and Cassius Cordeiro directors. Featuring Gilberto Gil & Iza; Milton Nascimento, Liniker & Xênia França; Elza Soares, Seu Jorge & Agnes Nunes.


Artistic Direction: Zé Ricardo • Director: Cassius Cordeiro • Real-time cut Director: Thiago Cordeiro • Technical Director: Andre Almeida • DoP: Anderson Capuano • Prod. Directors: Fabiane Costa, Renan Lima e Clara Gattone • AD: Daniel Calil • Streaming technician : Fros • Executive Producers: Clara Gattone and Rodrigo Furlan • Gaffer: Izael Damasceno • Production Coord.: Renan Lima • Making of: Vitor Furlan • Dedicated Link: Rubens Lima

The Campaing

Still frames

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